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Revs hunting A3 1999 1.6 Sport

MrSingh Jul 22, 2012

  1. MrSingh

    MrSingh New Member

    Revs hunting A3 1999 1.6 Sport

    After changing the clutch a year ago, the RPM has sat at approx 1100 and rocks up and down a 100 whilst driving.

    Funny thing is, just after the problem occurred the MAF sensor, full throttle body, thermostat and lamda sensor has been changed. There are no vacum leaks (checked by 3 diff garages).

    Cleared fault codes on VAG (i.e the only one = 'V60 Throttle actuator') and then is okay for exactly 2 weeks (after approx 100 miles) then starts to hunt again.

    When starting the engine, it behaves as if its gasping for air (drowning) meaning the RPM starts from approx 50 and then up to 1000 then back down to 100 (a few times) then 1100. This happens all the time, but not when the VAG has cleared the code(s) that keep coming back after the 2 weeks.

    Thing is, its only done 80k on the clock. Works very well otherwise.

    Any ideas?
  2. Danio


    Presuming your MAF sensor again starts playing up. Try to disconnect it and check for any difference. If there is no difference then the MAF sensor needs to be replaced.

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