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Revos stage 3 k04 software

CSMatt Jun 19, 2014

  1. CSMatt

    CSMatt New Member

    Hey guys just a bit of advice needed. I've got a TT 2.0tfsi which I'm collecting parts for my k04 build. I read on revos site about there stage 3 software for k04 cars and to my understanding you only need the upgrades used for stage 2+.

    Any one on here rolling stage3? Is it worth it over stage 2+

    ive ve emailed my local revo dealer but have had no response so trying to get as much info as I can


  2. Revo Steve-W

    Revo Steve-W Well-Known Member

    Hi Matt, This can confuse people. Stage 2+ is for a TTS which is a 2.0TFSi already running a K04 as stock (would also need de-cat,HPFP etc).
    Stage 3 is a standard TT 2.0TFSi upgrading to a K04 (other supporting mods required), therefore becoming a Stage 3 car with having the Turbo upgrade.

    So you'd end up with the 2 cars sat side by side, both have the 2.0 TFSi, both have K04 (once TT upgraded to TTS spec) but like I say the TTS would be a 2+ car & TT would be Stage 3, having had the K04 & supporting mods added, although both end up at the same spec the engines still differ internally, the Stage 3 is designed specifically for your K04 Stage 3 set up/spec.

    Make sense?

    Who is your local dealer, where are you located?

    If you need any further information, please email eurosupport@revotechnik.com for tech advise.
  3. CSMatt

    CSMatt New Member

    Thanks for sorting the confusion I shall be contacting you guys soon

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