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Revo'd plus other new mods!

S3 Big Andy Sep 20, 2008

  1. S3 Big Andy

    S3 Big Andy Stealth Beast Baby Yay

    Some of you will have read about my RS4 brakes, and how great my experience of TTS Roadsport was, well I needed to go back this week for a check up to make sure all was well, and decided to have a couple more mod’s done!
    RS4 Brakes
    What can I say! Just fantastic, the stopping power, the feel from the pedal just gives you so much more confidence under heavy braking.
    All looked well and with the spigots now made and fitted to just centre them on my hubs better they are the dogs!
    Forge electronic DV
    Went for this as I have a re-map and increased boost pressure nice looking mod and did not take “big” Dave long to fit!
    H&R 10mm Spacers front & Rear
    Needed these even with my mtm’s so the RS4 callipers would fit had to do some slight under wheel arch modification but it looks aggressive and handles so much better, again not a bad price on these.
    Four wheel alignment
    Had this done at Elite in Reading, but always wondered why my OSR was looking like this \ Dave found it was well out and has set the car up for my driving style, and combined with the spacers I have to say it’s a different car! If you know the bend, M25 on to M40 took this at 90mph with no tense moments at all!
    And last but not least
    Revo stage 2 with Select plus
    Carl from Revo came over and worked with Justin to install the new map, I have gone for 3 settings
    A.Boost/Throttle response 7 Timing 6 Air fuel ratio 9
    B.Boost/Throttle response 8 Timing 5 Air fuel ratio 9
    C.Boost/Throttle response 7 Timing 7 Air fuel ratio 9

    Early days yet only done about 100 miles but it is sooooo much better than the old Superchips one, Throttle response is instant, the torque is constant and on A quite even, using B neck snapping!! I love the anti theft setting, and once its run in more this map is going to surprise a lot of people with how many ponys it’s added!

    Thank you to TTS Roadsport once again and major thanks to Carl for coming over it is always nice to see someone from Revo so enthusiastic about the car they work on..

    Will I be back for more at TTS Roadsport?
    Do bears **** in the woods??
  2. Rabbit222

    Rabbit222 Active Member

    Nice one Andy!

    I'm running B8 T1 F3 on my REVO stage 2 map...the car feels insanely quick,hold on...it is insanely quick! lol! I had to turn the fueling down because it was running a bit rich.
  3. block

    block Member

    Andy have you done all this while your car is still misfiring or have they solved it for you?
  4. S3 Big Andy

    S3 Big Andy Stealth Beast Baby Yay

    Still missfires but they will have it next week to fix!!!
  5. Highwayman

    Highwayman Member

    Sounds like you have moved on a bit since we met :cool: . It will be interesting to see how your car does on the RR day in a fortnight ;) .

  6. jamiekip

    jamiekip Guest

    Agree with you Phil - Looking forward to checking out Andy's steath machine at Regal!
  7. wesley

    wesley Giac Extreme+!! Lovin it

    Hi Andy,how much was the electronic diverter valve and what difference does it make to your car?
  8. S3 Big Andy

    S3 Big Andy Stealth Beast Baby Yay

    DV was £154, you have to drive the car before and after to feel the difference, but personaly it was worth it plus this one will take my big turbo once I do it!!!
  9. sakkie69

    sakkie69 2008 Audi S3

    What is the electronic DV? hmm, time to check out the Forge site I guess to see if they got new parts

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