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Revo trial

mattdsc Feb 15, 2010

  1. gaz m

    gaz m Member

    Just read your post, JamesS4cab

    Does CC claim to make 710 bhp for there stage 2 350 +360 ???

    Just out of interest you guys talking about the trial version, did you pay to get it put on your car?

    When the Revo guys put the full program on a car there are a lot of checks and test drives to set the car up so that they prove no faults before adjusting anything on your ECU.
    I would asume that REVO dont want the blame for any damage done to a car that is not mechanicaly sound for the upgrade and why would you expect them to pay there work force for there time just to give you a demonstration for Free!
    I expect REVO'S logic of dropping 20% from the power a safe way of limiting any damage that may happen against the cost of demonstrating the power.

    If your were to attempt to get this sort of horse power upgrade on most other car models you would be talking far more money than 500+ for a possible 50bhp upgrade, just look at the threads from the unlucky guys who bought the v6 3.2's!

    I vote REVO it is an awesome product and excellant company and would highly recomend stage 2+. Mind a 710bhp CC map might be interesting defo?
  2. JamesS4cab

    JamesS4cab Well-Known Member

    I missed the ££ off...... :yes:
  3. gaz m

    gaz m Member

    oops thanks for the correction James :thumbsup: I just assumed you were quoting BHP
  4. :no:


    Yeah looks like it going by your other posts lol
    If you had driven a 2.0TFSI running REVO trial software then tried the same car with full REVO software you wouldnt have been posting such nonscence. Ill lay off the bold writing seen as making my point clear offends you.
    Ill let you get on with your misleading posts :laugh:

  5. V6Pete

    V6Pete Now running on Bentley's y'all

    If you actually read it properly, I changed my tune after being correctly informed that the trial map is down on power. You quote me out of context.

    When I said trial software is often just limited in time, that was in reference to another post discussing trial software generally, not engine software.

    I said that I thought the idea of a trial that doesn't delivery full power is pointless and misleading, and could actually cost Revo sales, and I stand by that.
  6. gingers3

    gingers3 Active Member

    just to clear a few things up , you can get rid of the revo trial quite easily , i did on saturday.
    custom code offer stage 2 at £50 if they upgrade from stage 1 .
    the guy that put my revo trial on is very well known in audi circles , has been a revo agent for many years and he said to me that the full blown stage 1 was only SLIGHTLY better than the trial , who am i to dis believe him ?
    i ve had custom code on my last 4 cars , never missed a beat , and performance was great on all of them , i only tried revo because most forum s bang on how good it is thanks guys
  7. JamesS4cab

    JamesS4cab Well-Known Member

    Gingers3 - thats really weird. I spoke to CC HQ last week enquiring about stage 1 and 2, and they told me that Stage 2 was not a £50 upgrade. They wanted full price for stage 1 and full price for stage 2. You must have the gift of the gabb!!
  8. PaulAr

    PaulAr S3 (8P)

    Make sure who ever you use, its not TOO far to drive if you need a reflash, and that the dealer wont fleece you in the event you do.

    AUDI will sometimes flash your ECU after warranty work (depending on the nature of the work of course) which means your remap will need to be re-installed.

  9. When the trial map was installed on my car they told me to expect at least 30% more power when fully mapped, everyone else i have spoke to who ran the trial were told the same. What company did you use for your revo trial?

  10. mattandrew

    mattandrew Member

    The best thing to do is try and go for a run out in someone who has a Revo mapped car.

    Taken from Custom Code site
    If your thinking of upgrading from stage 1 to 2 at any time CC is going to cost more to upgrade

    With REVO you only pay the difference in original costs
    ie Stage 1 = 499
    Stage 2 = 549
    Stage 2+ = 599

    if you go for stage 1 it will cost you 499 then a few months later it will cost you 50 extra.

    I opted for stage 2 first as i had the intake and TBE, then i later went for the fuel pump so went stage 2+ and it cost me £50

    The car now an animal, the extra benefit of the REVO is the select plus switch which enables you to have different setting and revert back to stock.

    If you are prepared to wait until one of the car shows REVO normally do 10% offers and free switches

    If anyone want a run out in mine your more than welcome
  11. mattdsc

    mattdsc Member

    Matt, do you every visit the Stafford area? I am not far from there. I would love to get a blast in the Abis.

    Thanks to everyone for thier feedback on the remap trial. I think I will go with CC for now as I dont want to fork out the £550. £360 seems a good price for a remap and with the difference saved, it will leave cash for other mods.
  12. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Moderator VCDS Map User

    God I read some tut on the internet, but thanks to DeckedS3 there is actually some fact in this thread.

    ADAPTATION is the golden ticket item here.

    Over time as a car is driven, the ECU builds up a profile of the way it is driven, the operating conditions, and when anything happens that is out of kilter with its pre-defined operating criteria occurs, the ECU can post a limiter code to protect itself, all of which can start to slow the car down.

    Loading code to a car that may have done thousands of miles from new, or since its last service means that it will have a build up of these codes, and even after any adaptation it will take a while for things to settle. FOr the same reasons it is recommended that you stick with the same fuel type (and not force the car through continuous adaptation between super / normal), the car will take time to adjust to the new parameters.

    Now I'm not exactly sure on the critical detail, but I would imagine the Revo code is a flash code for the convenience of (a) the dealer - spending an hour uploading some freebie software is non economic, (b) the customer who may have no intent on purchasing. Can you test an exhaust before you buy??? NO, can you try coilovers else before you buy???? NO. So actually on reflection Revo's free code offers the uninitiated a generous avenue of opportunity to not ***** £500 up the wall if they don't like it. Personally I think it's an honest and transparent approach to sales. It's free code FFS, they aren't forcing you to buy. Unfortunately due to the limitations of the cars ECU, it is impossible for the full effects of the trial to be experienced in a 4hour window, as the car will have to adapt, and its only a partial code load. The full code offers a significant step up from this, and to your benefit, enhanced MPG for runaround driving.

    The full code will require a much longer set up to incorporate all the major parameters, Select + adjustability etc....

    I've had MTM, Oettinger, AmD, and Revotechnik maps on a range of cars over time, and without exception I have found Revo to offer the best customer care, the most listening ear, and the most accommodating to customer feedback, so to me it is more than just about the code.

    I'm all for $h1t slinging where it is due, but companies offering really decent care are few and far between, and as Revo are home grown I always feel passionate to support well set up British organisations (and I can be a harsh and critical sod as some of you well know).
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2010
  13. RevoKev

    RevoKev in the fast lane

    Hi guys,

    just to set the record straight...

    trial software was originally designed to give owners of applicable cars a taster of 'tuning' in an effort to expand the potential market, aimed at those that had absolutely no idea that their cars could be improved upon. Trial was never developed as a test of full Revo software, for it to do that we wouldn't be able to have it revert to stock performance levels due to the amount of alterations in the full software. Note: for each and every Revo software there's a full code as well.

    You cannot use Revo trial as a test against anything else, this is not it's purpose.

    When comparing full Revo software to anything else you have to consider that it's adjustable so can be setup to suit differing conditions, fuel quality and to an extent driver requirements. If you want it more aggressive it can be set like that, if you want it more progressive and linear it can be set like that too!

    As posted by users on here there's a 30day money back on all our software.
    We also offer the upgrade path if going from Stage1 - 2 - 2+ - 3 - 4 etc! so you'll only ever pay what you would have if you bought that level of software in the first instance.

    I hope that helps! :)
  14. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Moderator VCDS Map User



    Well I guess that's nailed that one...
  15. navnayyar

    navnayyar Member

    cheers kev for clearing that up. By no means is getting a revo trial a negative thing, like you said it for people who have never experienced tuning before and most people on here have so again comparing to to the full software does not show a true comparison. In terms of another tuning company not being able to read the ecu after the trial again is not a problem as it can be reverted back to "stock" very easily.
  16. JamesS4cab

    JamesS4cab Well-Known Member

    Kev - seeing as your around the forum at the moment, any chance of a group buy or discount for A-S members?

    If you don't ask you dont get......:icon_thumright:
  17. mattdsc

    mattdsc Member

    Good call James.....yes any thoughts on a group buy Kev? Thanks for the information as well.

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