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Revo Stage2+

robern2 Oct 23, 2009

  1. robern2

    robern2 Member

    Apologies to those of you unfortunate enough to read my ramblings on other VW forums.
    I've just returned from HLM in Bromsgrove following the fitment of revo stage2+ code and the ITG CAI.
    I can genuinely say there is a night and day difference compared to stage 2 alone.
    I thought the car was Car was quick before but the increase in both mid range and top end pull
    is astonishing. Seemingly I'll run out of road before the car stops pulling.
    I wasn't chasing 'dyno' figures though 358bhp/348lbs is a cracking result given the b7t5f6 settings which reflect
    the car getting a little warm with it's standard intercooler after numerous runs.
    The car remains just as easy to drive around at low speeds with no additional noise, it's only when pressing on
    you experience a momentary fluttering sound from the CAI as it gulps in the new found air before taking off
    like a scalded cat.

    All credit to Revo and ITG for developing products that do exactly what they say on the tin which I believe is reflected in
    very similar rolling road results with StevePs car. I wont steal his thunder, sufficed to say it's made me think about that
    damn THS intercooler which did such a cracking job.
    My thanks go to Hamish at HLM for the dyno time, Andy at ITG - a more clued up chap on induction technology you
    will not meet, although that 96% oxygen compound stuff was beyond me :)
    Carl at revo for the stage2+ code, answering questions and tweaking my settings and SteveP, the first forum member
    I've met in the flesh. (where do I get those vented honeycomb sections for the fog lights ?)
  2. stealth64

    stealth64 Member

    Nice going got some serious grunt in there by the sounds of things!
  3. robern2

    robern2 Member

    It's astonishing

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