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Revo Stage 2 Issues & Figures

GNJ_Motorsport Oct 14, 2011

  1. GNJ_Motorsport

    GNJ_Motorsport Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    This week I have fitted my turbo back Milltek de-cat system and loaded the REVO stage 2 map on. When I bought the car the previous owner had put it back to stock from stage 2 so the REVO software was still on there, just set to the stock map. So I bought an SPS controller and reloaded the map with the settings the previous owner used.

    Now when I got the car, I noticed almost immediately a slight misfire and hesitation under hard acceleration. I thought this would be down to the fact that the previous owner had left the cooler running spark plugs in after he put it back to standard. Now it is mapped with the Milltek, ITG Maxogen and Forge Diverter valve it is much better but it still has the odd random small misfire.

    Now my question is what plugs are people using in their stage 2/stage 2+ cars? The previous owner is going to send me a link to the ones he bought but I wanted to see what others are using with success. I think the misfires it has had for the last few weeks may well have harmed the plugs or just covered them in sut so for the sake of a few quid and a quick job I can do myself I want to get new ones in there.

    My other question is what kind of figures on the rollers are people getting with REVO stage 2? Figures are figures and not something that much bothers me but I have a printout here from when it was mapped previously at Awesome GTI and it is 360bhp and 370lbs/ft of torque. That seems quite high to me I thought stage 2 was more 330-340bhp?
  2. S3RYE

    S3RYE Interior Next!!

    sounds like previous RR day the car was possibly running a HPFP too? and actually on stage 2+???

    i run stock plugs in my stage 2+ as advised by AMD. It does eat them up pretty quick but thats expected on a car pushing +100BHP over factory.

    Stage 2 is indeed around the 320-340 bhp.

    when were the plugs last changed?
  3. S3AMK20VT

    S3AMK20VT Member

  4. GNJ_Motorsport

    GNJ_Motorsport Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Yeah that's what I thought it was, 320-340 depending on the software. I know the lad I bought the car from and he definitely didn't have the HPFP fitted. I will be fitting one next year though along with a FMIC and a few other bits to go with stage 2+. The printout is here though and its 360bhp, 370 lbs/ft. Must be an optimistic rolling road because that is quite a jump from what's expected at stage 2.

    The plugs are pretty new. I think I will just find out what is most recommended at stage 2 and buy some new ones for peace of mind.

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