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Sold Revo Stage 2 AUM 1.8T ECU 230bhp Immo Off/Defeat Plug and Play

Tabsy Mar 12, 2014

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  1. Tabsy

    Tabsy Member


    Taken from a 2003 Bora AUM 1.8T but will work on other marques. Revo have performed an IMMO Defeat so the ECU is now plug and play into other cars.

    Has Revo Stage 2 custom Race map which used the following mods:
    • 4bar FPR
    • FMIC
    • Cold Air Intake
    • TIP
    • 3" Turbo Back Exhaust
    Made extremely good power and on the road it pulls like a train to the red line.


    £200 posted. Located in Liverpool and you can get me on 0780 113 4196.

Thread Status:
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