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Revo Stage 1 - Decisions decisions...!

JS3 Dec 13, 2012

  1. JS3

    JS3 Member VCDS Map User

    Hi guys - so being a bit of a noob on this but I think I have made the decision to go with Stg 1 Revo. Based on its wide user base, perceived quality/reliability and the fact its 20% off at the moment.

    That aside, if I were looking at any other mods, induction kit or exhaust that could affect engine performance, is it best having these installed before or after the Stg 1? Im thinking about Revo programming here, or does the ECU become accustomed to these items when installed after a few 100 miles?

    Also - can somebody tell me exactly what is required for the full potential of Stage 1? I have a 2010 S3 S-Tronic. I have searched with no luck!

  2. DJ-S3

    DJ-S3 Active Member

    People will say get all the stuff first, which I agree. But I'm sure I've heard somewhere that the exu adapts itself to a induction kit and a exhaust. So really, can't be much difference which way you do it.

    Im sure someone will be along to correct me if I'm wrong soon enough.
  3. mjr901

    mjr901 Guest

    If you get induction kit and exhaust...that's stage 2. + Autotech internals to that and that's stage 2+.

    Stage 1 = just a map.

    Get it all done at once, saves you the £50 each time you want to remap it to the next level.

    If you stick an exhaust on then you'll more than likely get the EML on (not coded out on stage 1, but they can if asked)
  4. GNJ_Motorsport

    GNJ_Motorsport Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    If you have the cash to do it then I would do it all at once. You are lucky in that the S Tronic gearbox and clutch can handle the power. If you had manual you would need to add £12-1300 to the budget for a new clutch and flywheel.

    I would get a Milltek turbo back system

    Audi - S3 8P (06-) - Exhausts - GNJ Motorsport

    A Neuspeed CAI which I think does the job well enough for stage 2+ without the massive price tag

    Neuspeed P-Flo Air Intake Kit -2.0T Edition 30/S3/TTS/Cupra - GNJ Motorsport

    And the LOBA fuel pump

    LOBA Motorsport 2.0 TFSI High Pressure Fuel Pump Upgrade S3 8P (06-12) - GNJ Motorsport

    There is also the option of adding in the RS4 fuel pressure regulator which is s pain to fit but doesn't cost much.

    Add the map and fitting and you are looking at around 360bhp for just over £2500. Not bad when you think that is 100bhp over stock.
  5. RedDejavu

    RedDejavu Well-Known Member

    you can get all this stuff second hand or just the pump internals and it will come up to 1200-1500 if you get good deals.

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