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REVO SPS1 for new A3 2.0TFSI sportback

MushroomMan Oct 3, 2006

  1. MushroomMan

    MushroomMan Sucemabite

    I've just been told that REVO SPS1s are not available for the new A3 2.0T FSI quattro sportback, has anyone heard this before. I thought they were available as a stage 1 option. A REVO dealer has just told me they're not available.
  2. rodo

    rodo Recruit

    for the 2.0t vag cars the revo 'sps' range will not work. check revo's website around six months ago they bought out a new switch for the 2.0t vag cars, the select and the select plus. they are priced the same as sps equivalents. i've just ordered a select plus, it lets you have more control of settings via a pc, same as sps 3, mine arrives tomorrow. on revo website is a list of dealers, phone around. quite a few don't stock the select switches and the pricing is not competitive.

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