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  1. bigpapasmurf

    bigpapasmurf Member

    So after some shenanigans over trial maps and other faff, I picked my car up from getting remapped by Revo today. Following on from the thread that on getting some advice on remaps, Id like to thank Carl from Revo, and specifically Stevie from Autohaus in Edinburgh for helping me out. Leaving all that to one side, I had read up on how Revo maps are a little bit aggressive in the way in which they deliver the boost. Given that I dont want to worry about bent rods or the like, I said that I wanted something progressive. Autohaus sorted me out and now the car feels really spritely without the lag or peaky torque that I was trying to avoid. I bought a Liquid Gauge a few weeks back to see what the boost levels were doing and what power it was outputting. I know its not the most accurate dyno in the world, but already clocked 242bhp this afternoon, and its getting progressively quicker. I wont go into what it was before, but it was less than the 210 brake that it left the factory with. Ive ordered a Badger 5 TIP to help out with the top end breathing. Lovin the wee S3 again!! :) Thanks again to Revo and Autohaus

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