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revo remap, one happy chap

jraw4 Jun 4, 2007

  1. jraw4

    jraw4 New Member

    After much reading on the forum and taking everyones different opinion on the subject i decided to take my 56 plate a3 2.0tfsi quattro over to APS in preston and had a revo remap done this morning, if you have 500 quid burning a hole in your pocket all i can say is get it done, the difference is awesome, this is the car i hoped it would be when i bought it, when i first put my foot down all hell broke loose and because of the quattro is moves without argument. The fitters said as i have only been using normal unleaded i have to take it back after i have run optimax throught it for a cple of tanks and have it retweaked then it should have more power!! woohoo.

    I can totally recommend APS for proffesionalism and really recommend the revo remap makes a totally different car, one word of warning though it makes the drive of the car more aggresive, but in a very good way.
  2. RobinA3

    RobinA3 Well-Known Member

    get it on a rolling road and see what kinda power and torque increase you have got

    be nice to compare the curves to the superchips bluefin

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