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Revo or Superchips?

Johnny Bravo Nov 30, 2009

  1. Johnny Bravo

    Johnny Bravo 6+1 Gears Audi A3


    I've been watching their offers for some time. I recently saw that both tuners have special offers until the end of the year.
    Both Revo an Superchips claim to offer the same power and torque increase at about the same price. About 185 BHP and 395NM

    When I stared thinking about a remap I was thinking on going for Superchips but now I saw that both in UK and here in Romania, Revo seems to be the choice.

    What do you think? I saw that Revo has good results with petrol engines but saw nothing about diesel.
    Which one should I choose?

    Also, can you tell me if I should expect clutch problems (even though the max torque limit is not exceeded)?
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  2. stealth64

    stealth64 Member

    I am in the same boat really, i wanted to remap and didnt know which route to go!

    I have now decided on the Superchips bluefin option, after speaking to other members and know a few mates who have done the same. The main selling points of the bluefin (for me anyway) are that it is a inhouse designed map with full support and backup of the cars OEM maps, the ability to take it on and off easily so if the car was going back to the dealers and i didnt want them to know it was mapped i could simply remove it. I can also use it to imobilise the car and when i finally sell the car I can remove the map and sell the bluefin unit on again.

    I have looked into the clutch problem as this was also a worry. I spoke to superchips and they say that there maps are designed to be used on standard factory spec'd cars, and from what i can find on these boards the 2.0T and 170 are not affected. I think the issues start occuring with the clutch issues when you move to remap 2+, or where mapping a s3/4/6 etc as the tourqe tollerance is already close to the limits of the OEM kit.

    I have setup a group buy on the bluefins if you do decide this route, and got a great deal if we can get 20 members onboard!

    p.s - thanks for the help with the rear leds they look the b-llox!
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2009
  3. sewell10

    sewell10 Member

    revo all the way superchips are just a copy chip from one car

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