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Review: Weitec Hicon GTs

sub39h Oct 23, 2010

  1. jungleman

    jungleman Well-Known Member

    picked mine 10s & 12s up second hand for a little over £100 including bolts so a bit of a bargin
  2. aterro

    aterro S3 YO

    where abouts was that?
  3. jungleman

    jungleman Well-Known Member

    was a member on here, was selling his h&r springs and spacers as he was selling his car so i snapped them up, got the lot for less then just new springs alone and they were all less then a year old
  4. MG

    MG Member

    I've got 12mm H&R spacers on the back and 10mm on the front. Generally it's ok but if anyone gets in the back then I get rubbing on the rear passenger side. I've removed the screws and it still happens just on the one side and is very noticeable.

    I've spoken to a couple of places about it and the consensus is that the wheel liner must be positioned slightly differently on one side (although it looks the same to me!). Either way, with 12mm spacers it's got to be pretty tight! I hardly ever take passengers in the back so not really an issue for me.

    I have standard 5 spoke 18" S-Line alloys on a 3DR A3 by the way.

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