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Retrofitting heated leather interior

SinghB7 Sep 18, 2013

  1. SinghB7

    SinghB7 Active Member

    Hi, enquiring about fitting a leather interior to my avant.
    atm it is normal s line cloth seats non heated

    is it straight fit into my car?
    i know i will have to change the heater control unit for the heated seats

    is there anything else involved?
  2. Chr1sch

    Chr1sch Member

    i really wouldnt bother if i were you, heated leather is useful for about 2 months a year, i'd put the money into something far more interesting!
  3. GeoffDunk

    GeoffDunk Well-Known Member Team Panther Audi RS4 quattro Audi Avant Owner Group

    WIth respect, I totally disagreee. Our last 7 cars have had heated seats, one of our current cars has it front and rear.

    Its lovely having leather in a car and it would be a bonus if it was heated, we wouldn't have a car without it now.
  4. gas-man

    gas-man Member

    hi mate just looking into this at the moment
    you need to check what harness is fitted under you seats
    and check the harness on the seats you intend to fit
    the red connecter block is for the lumber support and movement
    the green connector block is for the heating elements
    the leather i just fitted has not got the green part of the harness so are not heated seats

    so to answer your question they are not always a straight swap

    but you can buy harnesses from kufatec to help if needed

    where in b,ham are you?
  5. Chr1sch

    Chr1sch Member

    No thats cool, I just never use mine, to the point where i dont really like the sensation of a warm **** lol

    The mother in law has a Q7 with alcantara centres, but heated, i find it a much nicer place to sit than the full leather in mine
  6. Molnboman

    Molnboman Well-Known Member

    Jaysus... heated seats they are almost compulsory up here....lovely to have when it's -30c....I could see why they would be much use in the old country but leather trim can be a bit chilly first thing during the Winter months...even the UK!...Sidebar...... Surprised these things haven't caught on as much back home....what a difference these make...and the new ones are operated remotely by your phone!....height of couch potatoeness! DEFA / WarmUp apologies in advance for going off the thread.

  7. SinghB7

    SinghB7 Active Member

    hi, I did ask ghe seller they did say they are heated. I will have to check my connectors under my current seats tho.
    Mine now are fully electric but not heated.

    im from west bromwich area pal :)

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