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Retrofitting Cruise Control on A4 2014 model year (facelift)

Franky_D Feb 19, 2014

  1. Franky_D

    Franky_D New Member


    I've just received a retrofit kit from Kufatec. The hardware has been successfully installed. Now the question about coding.

    Instructions from Kufatec say that two modules need to be coded:
    - Module 16 (Steering), byte 2, bit 2 to get checked/activated. Done.
    - Module 1 (Engine), byte 6, bit 0 to get checked/activated. It comes actually activated from the factory (original reading of byte 6 is 00000001).

    Either the instructions are outdated or the engine module is too new (it's number 03L-906-018-JP), would need to find out which other bit/byte needs to be activated in the Engine module.

    If only module 16 coded and no coding/changes in module 1, module 1 throughs an error and engine electronics lamp comes flashing on on the dash.

    Just in case, the car is 2014 year model A4 2.0 tdi Avant .

    While I'm waiting for advice from Kufatec and trying to find an official VCDS around to see if it provides clear instructions for which bit/byte needs activation, your ideas would be greatly appreciated! :)
  2. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Steering Wheel - 16 > Coding > Long Coding Helper > Select 'Cruise Control Installed'
    Engine - 01 > Coding > Long Coding Helper > Select 'Cruise Control Installed'

    iv not known engine 01 coded from factory when cruise not installed
    above is what i use
  3. Franky_D

    Franky_D New Member

    The available version of VCDS (surely not original and not updated) does not recognize the Engine module and does not provide much suggestions (in fact none at all).... Therefore I am here... :)

    I don't think the Engine 01 was coded. I rather believe that instructions from Kufatec are getting out of date and it's not bit 0 to be changed, but another one most probably ....

    Thank you!
  4. Franky_D

    Franky_D New Member

    And here is the solution (thanks to a friend with original VCDS)!

    For face-lift A4 model one needs to activate/check:
    - Module 16 (Steering) -- byte 2, bit 2
    - Module 1 (Engine) -- byte 5, bit 5
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  5. xaixai

    xaixai New Member

    Hello Franky_D

    I have a 2010 A4 allroad and my problem was the same. With byte 6 bit 1 the engine light flashing and cruise control don't work.
    I try this new coding byte 5 bit 5 and now is working.
    The only problem is doesn't display in odometer the speed that i set to cruise control. Do you have the same problem?

    someone knows i can i solve this?


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