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Retrofitted handle illumination, warning lights and puddle lights

Joereynolds89 Feb 13, 2011

  1. Joereynolds89

    Joereynolds89 2010 Facelift!

    I think im on a roll, ive done near enough at least one thing to the car every week since ive joined the site haha, this sites to blame for the ideas though!

    I recently asked a member on here about a kit he sells for this however thought while i had time on my hands today id give it ago... and hey presto wasnt too hard, and factory fitment... the door handles cost a fair few quid though :(

    So here they are as ive just finished, all fitted, looks soooooo much better


    Im aware the cars dirty, and the drivers sill plates missing, its because im adjusting the fitment this weekend so just started stripping them down

    Going to be getting the footwell light of the other member as not too sure on that one myself, plus my car dosnt seem to have the option in vcds to be able to enable it

    I also had a long play with vcds, have now figured how to use it for coding etc (Its so simple i dont know why i had an issue before) managed to code these lights in, clear a few of my errors from other retrofits ive done and code them in (Apart from headlights and wingmirrors) and ive enabled the little bits like the alarm bleep

    Oh and i also retrofitted the sunvisor mirror lights :)


    One thing that is annoying me though, is all my dash lights come on when my headlights doo as normal, door lights light up etc (Switchs and handle illumination) But the ESP light, Headlight control switch and the roof console all turn off? Anyone know why this is and what i need to do to resolve it?
  2. FranA3

    FranA3 FMDETAILING Regional Rep Site Sponsor Gold Supporter Audi A3 Team Brill Red

    nicely done matey ive retrofitted footwell lights im mine and have got the puddle and door edge lights ready to go in i made the looms myself out of bits and got the plugs from tps and the repair wires just have to find the time to fit them in
  3. RU55SSO

    RU55SSO Member

    tbh i would do it but i cba... id rather pay someone to do it when i aint got nothing else to do

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