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Retrofit RNSE to 8P2 S3

Brodster Apr 11, 2012

  1. Brodster

    Brodster Well-Known Member TeamMisano Team V8 Audi RS4 Audi Avant Owner Group s tronic

    Right then. After much faffing around and looking at a multitude of threads and other websites to get info on how to fit the RNSE I have been asked by our Mod Sandra to post this as she found exceptionally easy to understand.

    My 8P2 S3 had Bose, Bluetooth and thats about it. It had NO MFSW. The instructions are for changing from Symphony to RNSE if you have double DIN.

    After removing Symphony unit IF you have a quadlock adaptor on the back that looks like this then the job is a piece of cake


    Simply disconnect the quadlock adaptor and then the antenna and remove the unit from the car.

    If you have the Bose set-up then you need to swap the brown wire in the blue plug from pin 5 to pin 7. Small screwdriver needed to unlock the pin and slide it out and reposition in pin 7. You will hear an audible click when its located properly in the plug. Slide the casing back into the plug and thats it.

    Gently reconnect the quadlock adaptor, aerial antenna and GPS antenna to the back of the RNS-E unit and slide it into the dash. Maybe worthwhile not locking it at this stage IF you want to relocate the GPS antenna.

    For positioning the antenna its up to you. I located mine ontop of the glovebox but some people put it ontop of the clocks under the dashboard. Im getting good satellites with it ontop of the dashboard so 6 and 2 threes as they say.

    If you have access to VCDS then great. I did alot of research this morning trying to figure out the correct coding and came up with what is mentioned below. It all works for my S3 so Im not promising it will for yours as mine had very little extras.

    [h=3]Your Vehicle & Installed Options[/h]Audi S3 / S3 Cab (8P), English (UK), BOSE, SDS, Bluetooth Telephone, Tyre: 225/40 ZR18 (Summer)

    You should make a note of ALL existing codings before making any changes, if you later need support and don't have access to these it may cause difficulty.

    RNSE Coding:
    [ 37 - Navigation ] --> [ Coding - 07 ] --> Software Coding: --> 0209711 -->[ Do It! ]

    Adaption Channels:
    [ 37 - Navigation ] --> [ Adaption 10 ]

    1. Type the adaption channel you wish to change into 'Channel' and click 'Read'.
    2. Make a note of the existing 'Stored value' (You may find that the stored value already matches the value you need to enter in which case you can skip to the next channel).
    3. Enter the new value required into the 'New Value' box, click [ Test ] --> [ Save ]
    4. Repeat 1 to 3 for each RNS-E adaption channel below

    Channel 001: 1943
    Channel 002: 43
    Channel 003: 1
    Channel 004: 0
    Channel 005: 0
    Channel 008: 255
    Channel 010: 0
    Channel 018: 1
    Channel 067: 000
    Channel 099: 0
    Channel 136: 00013

    Once you have changed all the required channels you can click [ Done, Go Back ] to return to the control module screen, then
    [ Close Controller, Go Back - 06 ] to close the current control module.

    Bluetooth Coding:
    [ 77 - Telephone ] --> [ Coding - 07 ] --> Software Coding: --> [ Do It! ]

    Adaption Channels:
    [ 77 - Telephone ] --> [ Adaption 10 ]
    Use steps 1 - 4 for the RNS-E with the bluetooth adaption channels, again you may find that the values already configured match those required.

    Channel 133: 1 (Bluetooth ON)
    Channel 134: 0
    Channel 135: Enter your 4 digit bluetooth pin code (default: 1234)
    Once you have changed all the required channels you can click [ Done, Go Back ] to return to the control module screen, then
    [ Close Controller, Go Back - 06 ] to close the current control module.

    CAN-Gateway Coding
    You need to ensure the following items are enabled/ticked in your CAN-Gateway, LEAVE ALL OTHER OPTIONS UNCHANGED.
    We strongly recommend that you use the Long Coding Helper in VCDS to do this.
    [19 - CAN-Gateway] --> [7 - Coding]
    IMPORTANT! - Copy the coding from 'Current Coding' and make a backup of it somewhere
    Click 'Long Coding Helper'
    Select Byte 3 (the 4th pair of digits along line 3) - it should say "Byte 3" in the box
    Change bits 3 to 7 on your gateway to match those below, leave bits 0 to 2 UNCHANGED.
    Byte 03

    • Bit 0 [3D] Special Function - LEAVE UNCHANGED
    • Bit 1 [47] Sound System - LEAVE UNCHANGED
    • Bit 2 [75] Telematics - LEAVE UNCHANGED
    • Bit 3 [37] Navigation
    • Bit 4 [57] TV-Tuner
    • Bit 5 [0F] Digital Radio
    • Bit 6 [56] Radio
    • Bit 7 [77] Telephone
    Press "Esc" or click "Exit" from the Long Coding Helper Window
    Check that the number in 'Current Coding' has changed from what you noted down (a maximum of 2 digits should changed)
    [Do It!]
    [ Done, Go Back ] to return to the control module screen, then [ Close Controller, Go Back - 06 ] to close the current control module.

    Reboot RNS-E
    To reboot the unit, hold RADIO (or AM/FM) and SETUP for more than 10 seconds.

    Clear Fault Codes
    Clear any fault codes as some of these generated whilst coding can prevent the system from functioning.
    To clear fault codes, select the module you wish to check
    [ 37 - Navigation ] --> [ Fault Codes - 02 ] --> [ Clear Codes - 05 ] --> [ Done, Go Back ] --> [ Close Controller, Go Back - 06 ]
    [ 77 - Telephone ] --> [ Fault Codes - 02 ] --> [ Clear Codes - 05 ] --> [ Done, Go Back ] --> [ Close Controller, Go Back - 06 ]

    You may find it easier to run a complete auto scan on your vehicle and that will show you which modules have faults that need to be cleared. You can then use the above procedure examples to work through and clear them.

    Once I knew what I was doing which became apparent after speaking to afew on here then it doesnt take long at all. Remember this is only for having a quadlock in the first instance.

    Now I aplogise if this is duplicating any other threads but having spent hours over the last few days searching for info and not really coming up with any - as its dotted all over the forum some people felt this had to be done.....and this is it. It worked for me....IN THE END!!!
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  2. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator TeamMisano TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro s tronic Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    Thank you Mark. Fantastic write up with great pics and easy to follow instruction all in one place. I have made it a sticky thread for the ease of others. Very much appreciate the time you have taken to put this together. :)
  3. Lewbo

    Lewbo Well-Known Member

  4. Johnny Bravo

    Johnny Bravo 6+1 Gears Audi A3

    Yesterday I've managed to install my new mk2 RNSe. Unlike the case above, I also had to change from 1din to 2din console.
    I have used THIS guide to know what it takes to do the conversion. I had though a few difficulties which I would like to share with you what you have to take into consideration if you plan to do this.

    First thing I want to say is that I've managed to find the part nos. for the new 2012 cage and buttons. Thank you Scott for finding those VINs for me.
    - the cage: 8P0 858 005 D
    - the buttons (the good part is that you can order now a single PN and you get the whole thing - blanks, ESP switch, hazard lights etc.): 8P0 927 137 BT 5PR
    With this second code you get 3 blanks on the right side, the hazard switch, airbag off light, ESP switch and another blank

    This picture is very important. You can see here a mapping of the screws that need to be removed to be able to pull the cage out. If you remove ALL of them, the cage will be very easy to be removed.


    BUT, there are two screws on each side that you may miss. Here are the two screws:


    Here are a few pics with the buttons:

    And a problem: on my car I do not have the switch to turn off the airbag and the actual connector has a different shape than the one on the back of the buttons. I now have to find the proper connector and replace the existing one from the ESP switch.

    And a pick with the unit in place. Ignore the dirt on it and the buttons.


    Now I have to update my signature.
  5. turbonutz

    turbonutz Active Member

    I got a 2nd hand rnse last week and flung it in, not changed the brown cable for bose but it still works crisp ? Whats reason for the cable swap? Also not coded but I dnt have bluetooth module...yet :p

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