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Retrofit Rns-e Plus Problems...

MrDoogery Apr 10, 2013

  1. MrDoogery

    MrDoogery New Member

    Evening all
    I hope someone can help me.

    i have just installed an rns-e unit to my 2007 a4.

    i am having a small problem with it however.

    i have a Motorola tk30 and connects2 interlinked which worked well with my audi concert CD player which came with the car

    all seems to work well with the rns-e BUT it keeps freezing when I select CD in order to access the input through the cd changer port for the connects2.

    it won't let me navigate the menus but I can hear music and also adjust the volume.

    i reset the device and it works again, but when I repeat the process it freezes.

    I have installed the genuine 2009 UK disc which came with it and I am running 0650 software.

    any pointers as to what it could be?

    Another issue I had was a whining through the speakers and over Bluetooth which replicated the accelerator

    I moved the earth which was connected to one of the screws on the head unit, extending it to the fuse box location.

    this coupled with a ground loop isolator didn't resolve the whining :-( infant the ground loop connected between the phonos gave me a lesser sounding system, the bass particularly was lacking.

    id appreciate any help or advise or if someone could swing by? I am in ramsgate Kent

    thanks all
  2. AudiA3JJ

    AudiA3JJ Active Member

    Sorry to bring up an old post... However I have the same issue with my rns-e with the screen freezing when selecting the CD/tv button . cheers

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