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Retrofit Rear Parking Sensors

Jetset Jan 12, 2012

  1. Jetset

    Jetset Member

    Our S Line doesn't have sensors and not the easiest car to judge when reverse parking. My wife is main driver and we recently changed her golf for the A4 which is significantly bigger! To be fair though I find it much harder to park than my A3 sportback too so they are as much for my benefit than hers.

    I have read loads of posts on this but just wondered if anyone has had this done recently and which company did it.

    These look like they might be good as the price includes car paint colour coded sensors and mobile fitting. Not bothered about Audi factory fit ones, just want the basic bleeper type to assist parking between cars outside the house, especially in the dark.

    I want them fitting by someone as I don't have the time or inclination to start taking bumpers off etc and messing about with the car's wiring.

    These seem to be reasonably priced and provide the exact colour coding plus mobile fitting.

    Fitted Parking Sensors - Parking Sensors | Reversing Sensors | Nationwide Installation | Colour Coded, Colour Coded Parking Sensors installed Nationwide

  2. gaz j

    gaz j Member

    I got these off ebay,great colour match and work well.REVERSING PARKING SENSORS, COLOUR CODED TO YOUR CAR | eBay Might work out cheaper to buy these and get local back street garage to fit them? The back bumper has marks to drill for sensors once you have it off, i done my own and im no mechanic. I just got my dad to connect wiring as im no good at that. Do it yourself and save yourself £200
  3. Jetset

    Jetset Member

    They look good, will speak to local car radio place and see how much they would charge to fit them.
  4. johnnythepie

    johnnythepie Well-Known Member

  5. apoc_reg

    apoc_reg Member

    Interesting post this thanks.

    Anyone know whats involved in the wiring side? Happy to do the drilling etc.

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