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Retrofit PDC too quiet

capitano Mar 16, 2010

  1. capitano

    capitano New Member

    Just had PDC retrofitted to my B7 cab. But you can hardly hear the bleeper, which is currently in the rear quarter somewhere. Its a genuine audi retrofit kit. Has anyone else experienced this, and where best to site the bleeper in the car?
  2. comc

    comc VW-7 Audi-2

    I had the same issue recently with the PDC in my A4 and whilst getting the Vagcom coding sorted for my RNS-E retrofit I had a little check of the volume setting for the PDC and found it to show a value of 4, and if i recall correctly the maximum setting was 9. Now it is altered to 9 it has made a big difference although still not perfect.
    Hope this helps!
  3. Marrow

    Marrow Member

    Cant help with the volume issue guys but could you tell me how much roughly this retro fit costs I would love it on mine ? I have an Avant and to be honest I cant reverse park for sh1t so I really need it before I do some damage !

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