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Retrofit Concert to Symphony II A3 8L! Help!

davidisurf Apr 2, 2010

  1. davidisurf

    davidisurf New Member

    Help on how can I retrofit Concert I to Symphony II in my A3 8L
    I bought the central console with symphony II and the lower A|C unit
    I didn't find anything specific so I'm asking if anyone has done this job or knows how to do it
    Actually I have changed the console but got stuck with symphony wires installation, I heard the lights doesn't stay on, have to change something about the antena plug(fakra or something like that)
    By the way, soory about my english!! :blush:
    Best Regards
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Depends on what year of Symphony II. One from an 8L A3 should be plug & play.If it's a later model (05+) then there will be wiring issues. Your 8L is ISO, 05+ Audi's are quadlock/fakra. Also from 2000 the HU is controlled by CANBUS, previous models use a standard ignition on 12v feed, so you may find the unit will switch off after an hour, so you'll need a CAN BUS emulator if your car is pre 2000.
  3. davidisurf

    davidisurf New Member

    My car is 2001 but is not CAN BUS yet and the radio is from a 2003 car that has CAN BUS there is some way to radio don't switch off after 1 hour? Except the CAN BUS emulator? I can't find here in Brazil and also is a little bit expensive
    By the way could you check my other therads below

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