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Retrofit Coming home Light problem

Kieran93 Dec 21, 2013

  1. Kieran93

    Kieran93 New Member

    I recently carried out the Retrofit coming/leaving home lights to my 2004 A3.

    I put an earth to pin 12 and had a "auto Electriction" enable coming/leaving home option via Vagcom.

    Iam not sure what he has done but the lights seem to have a mind of there own.
    My headlights are on all the time untill I put my handbrake on, then they go off, as you can imagine this is makes you look stupid at traffic light.

    The coming home option does not work at all, however, if Iam leaving home they do sometimes switch, but the majority of the time they don't.

    has anybody else had this problem after doing the mod and is there anybody in Manchester that actually knows what there doing and sort this problem ?

    Many Thanks

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