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Retrofit Auto-Dimming mirror

Boydie Aug 3, 2008

  1. Boydie

    Boydie Guest

    Did a quick search and nothing came up :(

    Was in a facelift S3 yesterday and noticed the autodim rear view mirror

    My friend has this in her 03 sport and wondering if its a handy job to retro fit?>

    How much is it from audi?

    part number?

    is vagcom required to install it?

  2. RobinA3

    RobinA3 Well-Known Member

    oooooo i think its a pretty big job including having the windscreen changed!

    Also you need to route the wiring down the a pillar which looks like a right **** of a job!
  3. MarcQuinlivan

    MarcQuinlivan Active Member

    boggy has done this but as Robin says it requires an awful lot of work and expense - the new windscreen being the main bit, but then the mirror and wiring. I'm sure he'll be along later to explain what's involved.

    He may have done the auto-lights and wipers at the same time too since they are all in the same area.
  4. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    am i right in saying that you only need to change the windscreen because the auto dimming one has a bit "painted" at the top to hide the wiring?
  5. boggym

    boggym Member

    You should be able to fit just an auto-dimming mirror on its own but it will involve some work to get it to mount on the windscreen. The standard mirror has a small mount fixed to the windscreen whereas the auto-dimming mirror has a much larger mount due to the rain/light sensor (for the auto headlight and windscreen wipers) thats fitted in the middle. (although you don't need this for just an auto-dimming mirror) The windscreen is also blacked out to hide the wires. I couldn't find anyone that knew where to buy just a new mounting. Apparently they come ready fitted on the windscreen from the factory so you can't buy them as a part. I ended up getting a new windscreen fitted. If you're happy with a drill and rivets etc. I'm sure when you've got the two mirrors next to each you'll be able to swap the spring clips that hold the mirrors onto the windscreen mount. Obviously it won't look original and you'll have to use some tape or window tint to stick on the windscreen to cover the wires which you'll see from the outside.

    The wiring is pretty easy. Basically it's just a live and earth however, a wire to pick a reverse gear signal should also be connected to stop the mirror dimming when you are going backwards. Bit pointless really! You don't need Vagcom to enable anything.

    Check out this site and go through the dimming mirror with compass install-


    I picked up my mirror on ebay, about £50, they come up occasionally. I'm pretty sure the same mirror is the same for whole of the Audi range the only difference is that some have a built in compass, most don't.
  6. Boydie

    Boydie Guest

    cheers guys - seems to be a lot of work for a little gimmic :(

    think i may leave it!
  7. The911SC

    The911SC Active Member

    I wouldnt bother; I have it and have only noticed it dim a few times quite un spectacular.
  8. RobinA3

    RobinA3 Well-Known Member

    I don't like the feature, my dad's BMW has it and its a right git to keep an eye on the cars behind on motorways incase they are coppers tailing you in the dark!

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