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RETROFIT - ARMREST What parts are needed?

HSerce Nov 6, 2009

  1. HSerce

    HSerce Member

    hi looking to fit a armrest to my S38p what do i need the guy i am buying the3 armrest off said its got a metal bit at the bottom and he has no scruws or bolts?? what else do i need?
    part numbers if possible..
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    All you need is a 25mm M8 bolt and nut. I found that 50mm was too long.

    Other than the nut, bolt and armrest you'll need a small drill to start cutting process (i used an electric screwdriver that doubles up as a drill) and a blade from a hacksaw to cut the hole in your centre console that the armrest goes through.

    Fitted mine a couple of weeks ago and didn't use anything else.

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