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Retro Fitting the RNS-E head unit & DIS Integration

timjhoward Aug 14, 2007

  1. timjhoward

    timjhoward Audi Newbie

    Hi All,

    Looking to get an RNS-E fitted once I have taken delivery of my A4 Cab in December, I was looking through eBay for the units and there are plenty from Lithuania but I am a little worried why these seemingly new units are so cheap?

    I found a company that advertises on there based in Leicester which is near me who sell the RNS-E unit for £650 and will fit it too! I must say I am tempted as I don't know what is involved with fitting the unit myself. I am pretty happy the head unit will be simple but the antenna worries me a bit.

    I have ordered the colour DIS on my vehicle, will retro fitting the RNS-E display direction details in the DIS as it does with the factory fit unit?

  2. mjsewell

    mjsewell Member

    At a guess, I'd imagine all of the Eastern European units are probably stolen. I've heard good and bad things about eBay sellers so your luck may vary.

    I had my RNS-E retroffited by a guy called Craig who is sometimes on here. He did a fantastic job of the RNS-E and Audi bluetooth setup. He can supply and fit everything and offers a 12 month guarantee for all of the parts and labour. He's got a website.

    Yes, it all behaves exactly as the factory fitted kit would with colour DIS. Looks great.:thumbsup:
  3. chrisru

    chrisru Guest

    Craig did a great job, as mjsewell says you end up with it exactly as per the factory job. Took him less than an hour to fit the bluetooth and SatNav Plus. Really pleased with the RNS-E as well - the satnav is a big impovement over my previous freestanding unit and the sound through the Bose is great. The bluetooth works with my Windows Mobile 6.0 phone and displays the 800 contacts phone numbers and allows searching for them without a problem.

  4. terrymcg

    terrymcg Member


    There are nothing wrong with the units from Lithuania, I got mine from there and there is nothing wrong with it. If you buy from this country you will pay a couple of hundred quid more for the same unit. And you dont even know where these British people are getting them from. If you have a search around this topic has sort of been covered before and there is a list of trusted sellers on ebay.

    As for fitting it yourself, it is a complete doddle, however you will need some recoding done via VagCom to get it properly set for your vehicle and to make the nav directions show in the DIS. This again really is not hard though.

    If you want any more info give me a shout.

  5. PetrolDave

    PetrolDave Well-Known Member

    As a moderator on www.navplus.us I've seen cases where people have bought units from Lithuania which have been either faulty or mis-described. I've also seens cases, like terrymcg, that have been fine. I've seen the same on units bought from the UK or Germany - but those are usually a lower risk.

    On balance the risk is greater buying from Eastern Europe and on eBay than buying from anywhere else.

    As usual - caveat emptor.
  6. bradmax57

    bradmax57 New Member

    i would tend to agree but a lot of these people have 1000, 2000+ etc feedback so cant be all bad, ive just ordered one for my a4 and have previously bought bmw stuff with no probs

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