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Retro Fits?

Haines Jul 3, 2010

  1. Haines

    Haines Member

    Hi Guys,

    Looking for Some advice if you can please.
    when i ordered my A3 2.0 BE 3dr i got a great deal from my local Dealer because i took a car that was part way through the production process and the buyer had dropped out.
    as ordered my car had the ipod connection, and blue tooth phone prep (standard).
    i would love to get fitted, or fit the following:

    Interior Light Pack/foot-well lighting and change of the main interior light.
    Coming to / going home lights (told this is just a cable and Vcds change, but i have the anti hack eeprom!!)
    Am looking at remaps, laminX and the such on a side note, but those seem to take care of themselves.

    am more than happy to fork out to have the work done, but cant seem to find anywhere for the details of what's required.
    bit dubious to go back to the Stealer's after some of the horror stories around retro fit costs.

    any advice is appreciated!


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