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Retro fit Storage Nets

dkelly Feb 16, 2007

  1. dkelly

    dkelly Member

    Hi Guy's

    I wanted to fit the storage nets in the cabin of my car. I have a 3 door 04 2.0 tdi and there seems to be a lack of storage space. Having looked at others I notice that there are 'cargo' nets on the backs of the seats and on the 'transmission' tunnel. Can these be fitted cost effectively?

    I have spoken to vagparts.com and they can supply the 'tunnel' nets on thier own, but the seat back ones come with the plastic back at £56 ish + gordon browns comission. Is there a cheaper way?


  2. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    Have you tried eBay? All the retrofitted parts I've bought have come from there. The nets are probably not available often but it's worth checking from time to time - you might get lucky.
  3. wilko

    wilko Top Gear

    Lack of storage space? How much stuff do you keep in your car? I have the storage nets already fitted and have never used them.
  4. dkelly

    dkelly Member

    I agree, however I use my car for work and I need to keep papers and other documents as well as maps etc, at hand when I am working from my car all day. I can't stand them sliding around and landing on the floor and as the small amount of storage there is, is mainly cubby holes (i.e. not big enough for A4 + size docs) I thought the nets at the back of the seats looked a great idea. However at £56+ VAT :faint: x 2, I'll live with it.

    Also I don’t want an annoying thing that hangs off the back of the headrest.

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