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retro fit S-Line seats in an SE ?? costs ??

rcmike Dec 23, 2006

  1. rcmike

    rcmike New Member

    Hi All,
    New to the forum, looks a great place for info.

    I picked up my "55" A4 SE saloon last week and have come to the conclusion that the lack of Lumbar support and tilting seat base is really giving me back problems. I've tried every possible position but after 30 minutes i just want to get out the car. Also tried different Lumbar cushions - no good for me. When i test drove the car, it seemed OK, a bit uncomfy but thought i just needed to play about to get the right position.

    So, my question is - has anyone retro-fitted S-Line seats to an SE ? looks easy, just unbolt the old ones, disconnect the air bag connectors, bolt new ones in and re connect - Are there however any non captive huts that will disapear when i undo the bolts ?

    Also, i've not enquired yet, so does anyone know the likely cost of new seats ? .I've enquired at a few scrap yards but no-one has any - so looks like a dealer order.

    (i'm assuming a replacement leather set with lumbar adjustment would be far more expensive than the S-Line ones).

    Any info/advise would be great.

  2. a4sline

    a4sline Member

    Hi Mike,
    Dob't know about S Line seats but I retrofitted a full S4 Recaro interior into my B6. Took about a day to do and that includes wiring up the seat motors. Doddle to do. Best bet is to go on German ebay, buy from there and have a day trip out..... Well worth it, and got a weekend away from the wife !!
  3. gtiller

    gtiller Active Member TeamMisano Gold Supporter Audi S3

    I am going through your pain Mike, and am also trying to find a way out!

    I spend a minimum of 5 hours per day in the car.

    Picked up my 3 litre TDi (just run in at 10,000 miles on an 05 plate) around two months ago.

    Since then, I have woken up every morning with a bad back!

    I moved from a BMW 330d with ultra supportive sports seats to the Audi in SE spec.

    I wanted an SE, as the suspension on the Sports models seemed far too harsh for the amount of driving I do.

    When I test drove the car, I honestly didn't think the seats were as bad... but as time went on, I just couldn't get on with them.

    I am watching this thread with interest!

    ... my problem is I have a light grey leather interior, so cannot source replacement seats as easily, as most are in black.

    Seems like the best compromise is the SE suspension setup with S-Line seats!

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