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Retro-fit genius Nigel Hobden NHN

Mrcachamb Apr 24, 2014

  1. Mrcachamb

    Mrcachamb New Member

    Hi all, I just want to leave Nigel Hobden (NHN) a glowing review (as many more before me have already done before)
    He spent the time late last night and this morning to fit RNSE 2, a new glovebox, bluetooth dongle, and AMI into my much loved A4....
    I witnessed at first hand his attention to detail and methodical approach carrying out the dismantling and fitment of the tech to my car.
    My experience dealing with Nigel...from the initial point of contact (on here) paying my money into his account as deposit and up till today when it was all finalised has been absolutely first class!!! He a great chap too and i fully enjoyed our banter lol !!
    It has been worth the wait to get it done as he had to travel a fair way to get me sorted...and as a bonus he managed to fix an issue i was having with my electric windows/central locking and powerfold mirrors using his skills and expertise!
    So, to sum up, anybody considerring (or ditherring over) using his services should put faith and trust in him to sort their issues....I'm so glad i did!
    so, again, a huge thanks Nige for hooking me up....you made it look so easy mate ;)
    All the best
    chris (Exeter)
    ps...was great to meet you too Ben and yap Landrovers ;)
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  2. rjm180

    rjm180 Active Member


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