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Retro Fit Audi A3 Black Edition Satellite Navigation

wills_1990 Jun 20, 2011

  1. wills_1990

    wills_1990 Member

    Hey Guys,

    Still waiting on Black Edition to arrive, but have been given the Audi A6 in the mean time as a courtesy car which has the DVD satellite navigation in it. i have taken quite a liking to it and have found it so easy to use, the problem i have is i didnt get it in my new one coming in 3 weeks, so was wondering if anyone had any experience of a getting a retro fitted one if so where and what kind of prices were you looking at, also could you notice any difference between the one fitted in a factory or the retro fitted one? Im looking for somewhere near bristol that will do it so if anyone knows of anyone that would be great. Are there any pros or cons for getting a retro fitted one?

    Im sorry if this has already been asked but i had a look through and couldnt find anything that answered what i was looking for.

    Cheers in advance

  2. PilotAudi

    PilotAudi New Member

    Talk to Tony at Britannia Towbars . Are you buying from Bristolian Audi? PM for more info if you like.
  3. wills_1990

    wills_1990 Member

    right i now have my audi a3 black edition and im looking to have the Nav fitted asap, so any ideas on where to go now please? Somewhere local to bristol would be ogood if possible and also somewhere competitively priced

    Cheers Guys
  4. quattro81

    quattro81 All the gear.. No idea

    Pm Nigel.. (NHN) on here.. He's the man for the job, and can retrofit everything you need
  5. 3DTDi

    3DTDi Member

    I have heard the same as above ^

    Will keep an eye out in bristol for an a6 with the driver staring at the sat nav in the mean time lol

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