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Respray or touch up?

S3_MCD Feb 22, 2008

  1. S3_MCD

    S3_MCD Member

    Hope somebody here can give me some advice.

    I have an 02 plate Dolphin grey S3, bodywork and paint in excellent condition apart from some high mileage motorwat stone chips to bonnet and front bumper.

    My questions is should I look at getting the front end taken car of? I'm in the fortunate position of having them professionally redone. Or take a compensation offer and get them touched up.

    The chips arent bad and could live with them.

    If I go for a re-spray which eventually get chipped again, am I just wasting my money and potentially de-valuing car by having front end resprayed in the first instance?

    If touch up is the way to go (which I'm leaning towards) anybody know of any good ones in the Bristol area.

  2. abdus

    abdus Top Gear VCDS Map User

  3. WX51TXR

    WX51TXR Polished Bliss

    I've always taken the view that minor random chips should be filled and flatted on a DIY basis, while widespread front end peppering should be dealt with by a bodyshop. Over the lifetime of my Leon I've had the front end resprayed every 2 years or so, in order to deal with the latter, while I have on occasions touched in random isolated chips myself. Having paint done won't necessary devalue if done well. So, IMHO if you have just a few larger random chips then a DIY approach would suffice, but if you have widespread peppering I would opt for a full front end respray. :)

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