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reset bluefin remap most audi cars

Benjii1 Aug 29, 2012

  1. Benjii1

    Benjii1 New Member

    i have a bluefin remap reset so ready to go straight on the car for 2lt tfsi and other what are in the picture of the label. normally gives around the 25bhp to 45bhp extra with dignositic tool which can be used to read codes etc plus its ment to save fuel what customers have claimed. bluefin are a high reconised business and have a web site here http://www.mybluefin.co.uk/

    rrp £445

    yours posted for £315
  2. PVO_Dave

    PVO_Dave Back in a Quattro :)

    Hi Benjii1, Any proof of the reset etc..? Dave.

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