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Request for a few b8 s-line parts quotes.

sduk Jan 24, 2012

  1. sduk

    sduk Audi Baby!

    Hello :)

    I was wondering how much (and what the part numbers are) for the following:

    - A4 B8 s-line front fog surrounds

    also the insert in the middle of the front splitter on the s-line bumper?

    Thanks very much

  2. stoke_audi

    stoke_audi Active Member

    Hi Sammy

    fog surrounds £18.51
    splitter £44.20

    dont really like issuing part numbers to be honest
    as we do all the work getting them
    like walking round our site for relevant Audi models that have parts on them that people want
    looking the parts up, then going else where for the parts.

    i dont mean to sound negative but why should we do all the hard work and not receive the order.

    Plus also if we issue the part number, then it is ordered elsewhere and found incorrect
    not what you are looking for, the supplying dealer may not be helpful in you returning them

    hope you understand


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