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replica alloys?

dann959 Aug 6, 2005

  1. dann959

    dann959 Member

    Hey guys i'm in a bit of a jam,

    I have had a bad run of luck with my alutec java 17'"s. I love the look of these babies but i have bent 3 rims (all positioned on the passenger side of my a4) I only have 2 alutecs that are still pefectly round, So my car is making having all sorts of hops and vibrations on highway driving.

    I was considering going back to my stock audi 15"s wich seem to be bulletproof to potholes, but they just look so dinky on the car. However they are made by ronal and are extremely strong.

    I was also considering going the other route for a set of 17" replicas, because the toyos i have on the alutecs are still in great shape, it would be a shame to scrap them. However everytime i research replicas i just get more and more confused. I want a strong rim, i dont want to have to worry about another bent rim. So far i have looked at fm replicas, hartmann replicas, replica alloys found at discount tire direct, and replicas from lakeshore wheel and tire. But i have no idea what to trust. Any suggestions. Please share your experiences and knowledge on replicas. I am in the US. Any US guys with these reps? any UK chaps buy from US distributors or know of european companies that deal internationally?
  2. imported_ZeroK66

    imported_ZeroK66 Guest

    I got a set of RS4 reps 18" for 545 from rochford tyres. I got them with the Eagle F1 upgrade though which cost me 745 in total. Transformed the car and far better value than just getting tyres for my old 16's.

    Pics on my post (Page 2)

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