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Replacing the double din BOSE Symphony II headunit... is it the done thing?

its_neil Jan 5, 2011

  1. its_neil

    its_neil Member


    2002 S3 with a BOSE Symphony 2 headunit that's double din. I've looked *everywhere* for replacement dash kits so I can fit a regular double din headunit into the car but they don't seem to exist... Most people say you have to buy an A4 (?) adaptor, modify it then buy a collection of wiring adapters to mate it all up to the speakers properly.

    Is changing the headunit on the S3 simply not done then? I'd like to buy a touchscreen double din sat nav / bluetooth / ipod / all singing all dancing unit but information appears thin on the ground.

  2. Speedy Steve

    Speedy Steve Active Member

    I have a touch screen in mine double din the mod to the facia wasnt to bad. if your going to do it strip out old audio fit new and wire in a propper amp. Not cheaper but better option
  3. ant schof

    ant schof Member

    Hi Neil ,
    I'm having troubles with my symphony 2 double din unit too 02 plate S3 . Thinking about getting another unit to replace it
    where to find at the right price though !? Did you come up with a different solution aftermarket head unit ?

    Many thanks

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