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Replacing interior lights with LED's

S3_NDJ Apr 20, 2013

  1. S3_NDJ

    S3_NDJ Member

    Just a quick couple of pics on the interior reading and dome lights ....
    All thats needed is a flat head screwdriver

    This is a list of the bulb you will need for all interior lights(i only have a couple on pics but rest are self explanitory)

    When the bulb are replaced make sure to try them both ways round due to the postive and negative etc.
    For the front reading lights the clips are in the picture below

    Try and prise as close to the clips as possible ....

    They may feel stiff but they should give, if it doesnt feel right it probably isnt so take your time

    Then you will need 2x ba9s bulbs these twist in and out of the socket .....

    For the next part the main lights are 2x 44mm festoons
    Here is a picture of where the clips are these are hard to see my pic isnt ideal !!
    This is what it looks like after its of.....
    For the small light plastic holders underneath just push the edge toward the bulb and it should drop out.

    Then re-attach both covers remember test them before putting cover back on !!!

    Rear reading bulbs are 2x ba9s
    Prize out on left and right with a flathead screwdriver there are 2 metal clips should pop easy compared to other light

    These are abit harder to fit its fiddly but the ba9s bit they also twist in and out....

    Hope this helps its my first writ up on here if its not clear enough feel free to remove hope it helps someone
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