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Replacing front calipers

dan_s2k Apr 12, 2013

  1. dan_s2k

    dan_s2k New Member

    Both my front calipers are seizing up therefore I've got two refurbished units and new discs and pads (front and rear) and brake fluid on the way. Have found plenty of info on replacing the discs and pads which looks doable, however I can't find anything on actually replacing the calipers. Can anyone offer any advice please? I've just taken all the wheels off and WD40'd the nuts on the calipers and carriers in prep for the job.

    How easy is this job? I've recently changed my air, pollen and fuel filters as well as changing my thermostat, CTS, cleaning EGR and mr muscle job so am feeling quite confident. However I'm scared tackling the brakes is one step too far? Also, I don't have a proper jack or axle stands so would I be silly to attempt this using the audi jack?

    Any advice greatly appreciated!

  2. Smillie13

    Smillie13 Member

    Yes you would be silly - sorry :(

    don't take any risks when you dont have the right equipment, try and borrow a trolley jack and axle stands

    above all stay safe
  3. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member

    This is good way of saving money but it would best to get yourself a trolley jack and axle stands.They are cheap and these are heavy cars and you don't want to take risks.There are 2 pins holding the caliper to the carrier.Get a Haynes book and it will be easy.You will need a wind back tool for the backs.The hardest bolts are usually the carrier ones which are often tight and awkward to access
  4. madmike01uk

    madmike01uk Member

    Of course you could do it with just the audi jack, I wouldn't recommend it though. Have you got the rewind tool for pushing the rear caliper pistons in? It's a straight forward bolt off bolt on job, make sure you clean up the calipers where the pads sit, and apply some copper grease.

    All the best
  5. dan_s2k

    dan_s2k New Member

    I'm starting to realise I may be out of my depth. There's a garage I've used before which only charges £24ph so I'm starting to think its not worth the hassle, especially if I should invest in jack and axle stands etc.

    I've also just noticed the calipers I have don't have the pistons or slider pins etc, its just the frame. If the calipers are currently seizing then reusing the old sliders and pistons is not gona help me is it? Do I need to buy these too. I purchased these from gsf car parts, was this why they seemed cheap?
  6. dan_s2k

    dan_s2k New Member

    No not got a rewind tool yet, was gona see how the fronts went before I tackled the rears.

    Thanks for the replys guys. Am concerned I'm missing caliper parts though.

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