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Replacing electronic parking brake switch '07 A6

undun Nov 26, 2012

  1. undun

    undun New Member

    Has anyone replaced the electronic parking brake switch on their A6 - C6? Mine works fine, but its peeling and looks crappy. Especially since the rest of the trim is still so perfect!

    I found the part# 4F1-927-225-C direct replacement.

    (I also found a newer switch with a chrome-strip edge, part# 4E1-927-225-B - though I don't think that would fit since the hardware looks different from the direct replacement).

    Any instructions on how to replace this switch?

    e-brake peeling.jpg

    Thanks all!

  2. ChrisFurlong

    ChrisFurlong Avantageous

    You can use the newer chrome tipped switch, it's a straight swap, I've done mine.

    As for removing it, it's a real *****! You need to remove the entire centre console!
    First you pop off the sides, undo a load of screws, remove the ashtray and undo more screws, remove the AC unit, remove rear vent, undo bolt that holds armrest, remove armrest, undo screw under rubber mat, and then disconnect the wiring.

    Its definately not a job I want to do again! But I have to, because I forgot to reconnect the cigarette lighter!
  3. undun

    undun New Member

    Thanks!! Maybe I need help with this...sounds like a mega job :-(


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