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Replacing clutch Master Cylinder

9-Points&Counting Feb 16, 2011

  1. Hi,

    I know a few people done this recently but can't find any detail on HOW to do it.

    Mark_Sarah I saw ur posts but can u explain how u did the job please?

    Did u bleed the whole clutch circuit first or just swap the good for bad then bleed afterwards?

    How much fluid did it take?

    More importantly tho what were the stumbling blocks u found - what were the hardest bits?
    What did u have to remove?
    Is it easy to get to the other side of the MC, i.e. the engine side?

    Any advice from anyone would be great thanks:)

  2. S3 finatic

    S3 finatic Limp mode

    I let it drain out, and bled the system afterwards. took a 1Ltr.

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