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Replacing Bulbs

kingfisher_rich Nov 12, 2009

  1. kingfisher_rich

    kingfisher_rich New Member


    I've been reading a few threads and can't seem to see any consistency...

    So thought I'd ask straight up.

    My lights on my A3 1.8 (1999) are s**t, in a word....
    So I'm looking at some replacement bulbs (dipped/full/side lights). I have read they aren't straight forward, but luckily for me the guy that does work on my familys cars works for Audi so he knows his stuff.

    I have read the Xenon Xtreme Philipps are the dogs bollax....? Is this true? and if not what would you recommend? Are the cheaper ebay sets (dipped/full/side bulbs for around £16) not advisably?

    Thanks in Advance.... :(

  2. kingfisher_rich

    kingfisher_rich New Member

  3. lloydsta101

    lloydsta101 Member

    To be honest, as annoying as it is... you're always going to get what you pay for. The bulb sets on eBay (usually from China etc.) are fine while they last, but in a few months time the 'Super White Light' that they advertise will have died out and gone back to the dim yellow colour that they bulbs are standard.

    You will tell when (if) you buy them how the quality differs from the more expensive bulbs, as the silver tip on the headlight bulbs will be flaky and cheap looking. Then again, if you find the right set from a decent supplier, you might get lucky and have no problems with them.

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