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Replacing a Concert III with aftermarket headunit - many issues?

Gunstar Mar 4, 2009

  1. Gunstar

    Gunstar woof


    I've got an '07 A3 with the concert III head unit and a audi ipod link cable. iPod integration is important to me, and it's unfortunately it's pretty poor:

    - no track names
    - esoteric playlist selection
    - slow to change tracks
    - support for tracks longer than 59m 59s is terrible (I listen to alot of audiobooks)
    - doesn't charge iPhone.

    I've been looking at the denison gateway kit (would probably get a 300 and bluetooth adapter). Which looks like it would address some of the problems, but I think it would still be missing some of the niceties.

    So what's involved / are there any pitfalls in replacing the concert headunit?

    I've been looking at various '09 Alpine heads (e.g. IDA-X305) that have good iphone/ ipod and bluetooth support, but will 4x50w cover all the speakers I seem to have? (not got bose upgrade) Would a aftermarket headunit just slot in?

    I'm guessing I'm going to lose link that displays track information on the driver information display (this normally displays the out of washer fluid warning, so I'm not too worried about that ;-))

    Any tips much appreciated!

    If anyone can recommend a good car audio place nr Manc - I'd be further grateful.

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