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replacement tyres for my replica 19" rs4 wheels can i fit 235/40/19 ?

jono71 Mar 7, 2010

  1. jono71

    jono71 New Member

    Hi i have a b7 2.0 tdi s line avant auto with replica 19 " early rs4 wheels fitted with bf goodrich 235/35/19 fitted which have been great and have done over 29000miles on (with swoping from front to rear once a year ) they still have about 3 mm left on but will need to replace at some point . I saw my mates new alfa today and they have 235 40 19 fitted i was just wondered if that size would be ok fitted to mine as was hopeing they would make the ride a little softer as i dont wont to go back to 18" as they look to small on car .would be grateful for any advice many thanks
  2. Get yourself a set of Vredestiens mate - I've had Michelin Pilot Sports, Dunlop SP Sports, but none can touch the Vred's i had on my A3 for grip and handling in wet and dry - Plus they're great value - Around £90/100 for 18/19”

    A few guys on here have them now - try searching Vredestiens for there comments on them. Plus they also came 1st last year and 2nd this year in AutoExpress best tyre awards (Can't remember which tyre came 1st this year but they where £50 more each!)


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