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Replacement Springs

BRG_GTI May 20, 2013

  1. BRG_GTI

    BRG_GTI New Member

    I was wondering if someone can help me as I am a little confused ( doesnt take much) from looking through all the threads on different types of springs available. I am looking to replace the front pair of springs on my S3. It is a 2001 AMK.

    Are these the correct standard replacement springs -

    Sachs Audi | Euro Car Parts UK’s No.1 Car Parts Retailer

    I have spoken to my local audi dealer (Hull) and they would be looking for £ 345.00 supplied & fitted which I think is pricey ??

    The local audi specialist would want £ 260 supplied & fitted - is the difference between buying the springs myself and fitting them worth it ?

    Also am I right in saying it is a good idea to replace the top mounts and bearings ? And if so are these the right ones -

    SKF Audi | Euro Car Parts UK’s No.1 Car Parts Retailer

    Would there be anything else you would look to replace ( without any unsuspected breakages ?)

    Any help / input would be much appreciated


  2. russwuss

    russwuss Active Member

    I had an MOT failure due to the drivers side coil spring breaking.. So as you are now I was looking round for new springs.

    I decided on actually scrapping the idea of just springs and went for springs and dampers all the way round due to advice given on here.

    Car is a 2001 AMK S3 and after stripping the fronts down I found both front dampers were completely knackered - drivers side one was completely bottomed out, passenger side was stuck at the top of its travel.. When I forced the damper to go down it split and bounced around under no pressure. Rear suspension wasn't much better.. Both dampers did not rebound as quickly as I thought they would after being put under pressure.

    Car had done 140,000 at this point, with no history of the dampers being changed..

    Decided to go for the AP suspension kit.. Think it was about £300 - so far so good.. Been on for just over a month I think. Popular choice is Billy B8 (or B12) with H&R springs.. Pretty expensive but from reading on here the ride is much better. However.. Some lowering kits do require rear tie bars as the chamber can be quite extreme - not too bad with my AP kit - showed up as out on the tracking machine but still OK and within tolerance according to the tyre fitting place.

    Fitted the suspension kit myself to save on labour, can be done in less than a day I believe.. Check through my previous threads if you like - think there's a link to the kit I brought.

    Hope this helps!
  3. russwuss

    russwuss Active Member

    And yes sorry, they are the top mounts that I brought :) use PARTS25 discount code for 25% off...

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