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Replacement parts...

gavk75 Jan 10, 2014

  1. gavk75

    gavk75 New Member

    Happy new year! Hope you had a good one

    Did a few mods over the x-mas:

    Aero wipers
    non-heated fan jets

    New S4 style grille to be put in but I want to source S4 door blades (PLUG - if anyone is selling..)

    One thing I had to replace was the rear wiper motor. Waiting on the part to arrive. The old one started ceasing and the water pipe kept popping off. Hopefully this will fix that.. I don't have the patience to strip the old and attempt to repair it, but if anyone wants it (still works but slow) it's yours for free!

    The reson for the post is there are plenty of discussions on replacing the rear wiper for a smoother/aero version or leaving a blanker (paid for new motor so it's not an option) If I have to cut off the old wiper it might be a necessity - so what wiper is the one to go for?? Q5 or polo?? Or are they the same?
  2. S4_dan

    S4_dan Fire up the Quattro! VCDS Map User

    Pm Sent
  3. Ralphthemouth

    Ralphthemouth Active Member

    So which was it? The Q5 or the Polo?
  4. gavk75

    gavk75 New Member

    I went for the polo rear wiper - bolts straight on. Just need to replace the washer jet as the standard isn't compatible with the polo cap

    Cheap replacement at 40 euros (arm/blade/cap)

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