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Replacement parking sensor cost?

MSJ Feb 28, 2010

  1. MSJ

    MSJ New Member

    Hi All,

    Well it looks like one of my rear parking sensors has had a fit gone wrong.

    Got the usual sqwark to say somehting is not right with them as per the manual. The 3 of them are making a faint clicking noise but one is not.

    Car is a A4 Sline 2.0 TDI and these were standard fit on the car, my question is does anyone know how much one of these cost to fix?


  2. They're only around £90 new for a whole set mate - I'd take it to an indie specialist, the stealers will kill you with labour!
  3. MSJ

    MSJ New Member

    cool thanks mate, will follow your advice
  4. andyarchery

    andyarchery New Member

    Took my A4 2.0 TDI SLine to the Stealers (Ipswich Audi) today for a service and cam belt replacement. I asked them to look at the parking sensors (front & rear)
    as well as they have failed for the second time now. The first failure was under warranty so I had no idea of the cost. In the 3 years I have had the car they
    always play upin te cold/wet weather and generally mysteriously come back intermittently in the hot/dry weather.

    They phoned me back and quoted £214 for one failed front sensor and £322 for 2 failed rear sensors !!!!! Having also been quoted £433 for a failed EGR valve replacement
    at the same time I decided not to take up their generous offer ;-)

    I will try to source the parking sensors myself and get the work done at an indi as I don't fancy detaching the front & rear bumpers myself.

    I believe the correct part number for B7 model parking sensors is 7H0 919 257C which has a 90 degree connector (I think the B6 models have
    part number 7H0 919 257A or 7H0 919 257D with a 45 degree connector). A "GRU" at the end of the part number means a primed version.

    Can anyone confirm these part numbers and can the A and D versions be fitted to a B7 model ?

    Seems you can pick these up for anywher between £20 and £40 per sensor from eBay.

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