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Replacement of rear diff/haldex/control unit... please read if uve done this?????....

coopsS3 Sep 30, 2010

  1. coopsS3

    coopsS3 Woosh Woosh Wah...

    ok so its near winter now im trying to get my car ready for the cold... my ESP light started to come on n stays on now on all the time... ive done the handbrake check and serviced the haldex witha few standing starts before and im sure its the diff!

    The new diff complete wiv haldex and control unit has been sourced. i have haldex oil and filter but with the car being nearly 10years old im obviously going to be disurbing stuff thats never been touched, but im ready to tick a job off the list (with your help haha)

    few questions....

    1. Should i change the diff oil or is it life sealed?
    2. what other parts did you need when doing this?
    3. any special tools needed? (im going to do the oil n filter why the haldex is off the car so no filter spanner needed)
    4. is 5 hourse realistic i do have vag com instructions?
    5. my engine is an AMK will i need to recode if my new diff/haldex is off an AMK?
    So let me know guys work on the cars starts monday and im back in work tuesday EEEK! please let me know of any problems that occured this will be a BIG HELP

    thanks again muchos love
  2. superkarl

    superkarl MAN OF STEEL

    did it bring up any faults on vagcom??

    you can change the diff oil, there is a thread labelled 'transmission oil' somewhere listing all the oils needed and how to do it.

    i guess the only prob you will have is it might not be so easy to get out because of corroded bolts.

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