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Replacement keys again :/

TheKing Mar 21, 2012

  1. TheKing

    TheKing New Member

    Arghhh one of my keys has decided to die I've done the battery replacement and tried to reprogramme but it's having none of it so looks like I'll have to get a new one.

    Has anyone got any other methods of trying to get it to work?

    Ive been looking on eBay as I'd rather not get raped by Audi and have seen some used ones anyone know if these will work on my motor as i cant seem to find one with my exact part number as I've got a key from 05? Part number of the one on eBay is 8e0837220k

    Any hep appreciated.
  2. brough74

    brough74 Member

    Ive been the ebay route and in my opinion its false economy, i got everything and then it could not be programmed, so i wasted all that money, even after buying new transponders etc. Where as if you buy one from Audi for about £185 its guarenteed to work. But its up to you really as you pay your money and take a chance
  3. MTRL

    MTRL Split Grill!

    Its mentioned on another recent thread on here but I think its worth repeating because its a good idea. I have some basic breakdown cover at about £3/month that includes loosing keys. With audi keys being so expensive its a no brainer I think.
  4. audigex

    audigex Active Member

    Which breakdown cover is that? I've got Audi's complimentary 3 year RAC, but I've not read the small print.
  5. wallace78

    wallace78 Member

    im with rac also will be keeping an eye on this lol
  6. jonnyb289

    jonnyb289 New Member

    mines on its way out aswell, ive put a new battery in and had it re coded but still plays up. any ideas?
    cheers regards jonny
  7. MTRL

    MTRL Split Grill!

    I got it as an add on with Swinton car insurance but I think anybody can get it, its only the basic package but I get roadside assistance, local (upto 20 mies) vehicle recovery. Its £3.49 a month. First 3 months were free.
    £5.99 a month will get you national recovery and overnight accomodation. I dont really do a lot of miles so no need for that for me yet.
    Dont have the fine print to hand but the the only words that sold this to me were coverage for keys.
  8. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    The keys for 8P have immo chips that are half programmed by germany & other half by dealer, getting a blank megamos 48 wont work with dealers as I've tried on the 8P anyway.

    You could effectively get a key of ebay thats either same as yours or superseded to, swap immo chip over & use the new remote part, as immo & remote are different systems entirely, butttt, this of course only helps the remote side, not if your immo chip is a problem starting the car, but 99.999% cases its the remote side thats playing up & can be fixed by swapping parts over, do not think an a4 etc 8E0 or the like key will work, it wont bottom line, even if it looks the same, been there got the tshirt.
  9. J8TT X

    J8TT X Member

    Im going check my insurance about lost keys. Mine sometimes plays up

    If you claim for a lost key would you lose your no claims bonus? or is it seperate?
  10. OVRA3

    OVRA3 Well-Known Member

    I've got KeyCare with Homeserve and recently made a claim for a new set its £3.50 a month covers all keys and has no excess.. I just put my claim in went to Audi ordered my new set waited 10 ten days for them to arrive and got the money back in the form of a cheque within 3 days of sending the invoice to Homeserve...

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