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Replacement Headlight globes

gareth_oau Feb 18, 2010

  1. gareth_oau

    gareth_oau Member

    Ive got the pre-fecelift 2000 S3

    The lowbeam are xenon, but it has normal high beams, and to be honest, they arent much cop!!

    I was curious on 2 things:

    1/ What highbeam globe would you recommend to give more light and greater distance (that arent expensive)

    2/ how easy is it to instal these globes? any instructions anywhere?
  2. golf

    golf ***** rent boy VCDS Map User

    If you don't know what you're doing it can be very difficult as you have to take the whole headlight assembly apart, which includes heating it up in an oven to loosen the sealant.

    The best projectors (globes) out there are the Honda S2000's, but pretty much any projector will be better than the crappy ones in the S3. Look on hidplanet.com for info on how to retrofit projectors.
  3. gareth_oau

    gareth_oau Member

    thanks golf, that does seem a bit more involved than i was looking to go. i was thinking more along the lines of upping a relatively standard globe of around 55W to 80W, but otherwise OEM

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