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Replacement gear knob and center panel

jbw Aug 10, 2006

  1. jbw

    jbw Member

    I need to replace the gear knob and center panel on my '99 A3 but don't know where to go (it could be the dealer is my only choice here)?
    The previous owner managed to pick the cap (with the gear layout embossed on it) off the top of the gear knob so it looks a tad shabby with a clump of leather sticking up.
    The center panel I'm talking about is the lump of plastic that surrounds the stereo, heater & hazard light switches and fan controls. I would like to find one at a breakers but I'm under the impression they come in various shapes due to having trip computer/aircon etc. installed?

    Does anyone know what sort of prices to expect?

    Many thanks,

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