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Replacement double din stereo

dares_uk Oct 2, 2013

  1. dares_uk

    dares_uk Member


    After the success of my welcome back/new A4 Cab post :think:

    I have one of a few questions after owning it for a few weeks.
    My in dash 6 cd changer is jammed, so ive been looking at a replacement.
    I have read abou the Audi rnse system, is this literally a plug n play with steering controls etc.. ?
    I also currently have blootooth, and buttons on the st/wheel, would it also work with BT ?
    I also have a phone holder/charger in my armrest, is there anything i can do with this? utilise anything ?

    my other option is one of the units off ebay, like this
    AUDI A4(2002-2007) 7" HD Car in Dash HD SD USB IPOD DVD Player GPS Radio Stereo | eBay

    Does any one have any experience with one of these ?

  2. dares_uk

    dares_uk Member

    anyone ?
  3. deano1978

    deano1978 different gear

    Im getting the rnse install...soon,but did pause as whether to get unit u mention.

    Its hard because its so appealing,
    Touch screen. Bluetooth connectivity. More pixels. Gps. Ect ect.

    But i believe its import and not many reviews + non branded so god knows whats in it.

    I too have the multi function s.wheel,and have been told the bluetooth will work (s.wheel,rnse bluetooth)
  4. worcesternaf

    worcesternaf New Member

    I have been looking at upgrading the rns-d in my s4. What i'm going to try first is the io play 2 kit. Similar to the parrot kits but has a 180watt amp instead of the 20watt amps that come with the parrot kit. I know people have had issues with bose/amped rears so i will be doing a build thread in a couple of weeks.The thing with upgrading to the rns-e is that you will loose the dis nav direction symbols and track info. As for the bluetooth i'm not sure. Best thing to do is post up the bluetooth kit part numbers and see if anyone knows the parts are compatible with the rns-e.

    Hope this helps

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